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Holiday time

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on January 22, 2010 by theedgephotography

As you can probably guess, most wedding photographers can forget about taken their ‘R&R’ in the summer like the rest of you, so we take it when we can, during the quieter months.

As of the end of this Blog entry, I will be leaving the batcave unmanned until the 2nd February in an attempt to take a much needed break!  However, due to the ‘auto-response’ seeming already to be sunning itself somewhere in the Bahamas, I will be checking the old ‘inbox’ from time to time.  Which I can live with, to be honest.

See you all next month, where and I shall be sitting and pottering from the NEW batcave!

Blackjack anyone….?


Last one, then rest

Posted in Weddings on January 21, 2010 by theedgephotography

I’m just about to leave for my last wedding before I take my annual holiday.

I’m off to shoot at the ‘Reid Rooms’, a very nice venue on the other side of Roxwell, Essex.

I shall update you all once they have taken their seats for dinner!

Nothing to do with weddings OR photography

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on January 20, 2010 by theedgephotography

I have just got back from the cinema (time check please) and thanks to the good people at Orange, I just paid half price to see ‘Avatar’ in 3D, and would just like to say that I thought is was bloody marvelous!  And I’d have paid DOUBLE to get in, and it was worth so much more than my £5.05 admission fee paid!  Bravo Mr Cameron, bravo – The Edge Photography duffs our cap to you.