Saxon Hall wedding show

Well, another washout wedding show.

I am yet to attend a wedding show this year that hasn’t been effected by the weather.  January, Snow.  And both shows in February, torrential rain!  However, we were in a PERFECT spot – right by the entrance, so the stand was the first and last stand the people saw, so hopefully we made an impression.  What do you think?

Sometimes I think that having 8 banners is too much – but I think they all came into good use on Sunday.

The show was VERY busy from opening at 11am until around 1pm, then the weather really took hold, with only a handful of couples walking through the door until I closed the stand down at just after 3pm.  The show was supposed to run until 4pm, but everyone had the same idea as me and packed up early due to the low numbers.

On the plus side – as it was so quite, I did manage to catch the Spurs game on the trusted iPhone thanks to the wonderful SkyPlayer app!  21st century technology rocks!


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