New Wedding Gallery

Happy Friday everybody!

As your week comes to an end, here in the batcave, we are preparing to start work for the week with a wedding at Prested Hall Saturday, and The Lawns on Sunday.  I’ve not shot at The Lawns before, but I have heard great things about the venue and staff there.

After a mad start to the week up at the ‘Focus on Imaging’ exhibition at the NEC on Monday, the week for me has consisted of me preparing new sample albums  and purchasing new equipment for my weddings this year.  As you can imagine, us wedding photographers rattle through a few images at each wedding – and my current camera is no different!  I took it through it’s 97,000 image during Fridays wedding at Orsett Hall!  Not bad for a camera that is just over 2 years old!

As I said, I have also been designing new sample album for showcasing at wedding shows and meetings.  You can expect to see our NEW digital storybooks within 3 weeks!

I have also updated our online Gallery.  I was listening to various photographers at ‘Focus’, and they – quite rightly – said that too many photographers baffle potential clients with a million images on their site.  So I have whittled the images from a whopping 174 to just 30 of my finest images for couple to look at on the site.  Check it out if you have 5 mins!


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