A break from the norm

Well, what a week this has been.  Back to my roots!

I have been out shooting a few PR/Press jobs for various clients this week and it has not been something I have shot for many years.  I used to do the odd job back in the day for the Weekly News here in Chelmsford and the good old Essex Chronicle – but since starting up ‘The Edge’, I have had no real time for it.  However the phone rang on Sunday and my old Press mate was in a bit of a pickle and needed a hang.  He was suffering from the old ‘Three places at once’ problem.

On Wednesday I attended the London Indoor Schools Athletics Cup Final at the Lee Valley Stadium.  Two hours of madness!  Every event you can think of was taking place, and I have to cover EVERYTHING! Loved every minute of it, and you never know, some of the young athletes I saw competing may very well be flying the flag in 2012.

Today was a slightly less manic event – Essex and Suffolk needed coverage of the ‘turning on’ of a new water pipe in Ilford.  The pipe has been working for a month, but that’s just between you and me 😉

What I haven’t missed, is the deadlines that all the PR people live to.  “yesterday, please”.  Love it.


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