All systems go!

Well, after a fairly quite winter- with just ten weddings over the period, things are now in full flow.  Our first wedding of the spring was on March 5th at Orsett hall, and its now all systems go until Mid-November!

Bookings are still coming in for this year, so I am still expecting a late surge for the much coveted Christmas dates.  Yes, I did say the ‘C’ word in Mid-March, but lets be honest – it’ll be here before we know it!

This week see my first mid-week wedding of the year at Gosfield Hall.  I don’t know if any of you have been luck enough to either visit or attend a wedding at the venue, and seen the bridal suite, but its amazing.  Quite possibly the best in the county, so I am VERY much looking forward to shooting there tomorrow.

This week also see the last of the wedding shows of the Winter/Spring that we will be exhibiting at.  We will attending ‘The Freight House’ wedding show in Rochford.

As you might have seen on Facebook, I have also been using a new camera for my weddings last week – so far, the results are stunning.  I’m now shooting on a ‘Full Frame’ digital camera.  For those who aren’t as geeky as myself, this basically means that the digital sensor is now the same size as the old 35mm film cameras, so it’s like going back in time, only not!

So that’s whats going on in the cave this week…!


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