Back to my roots

Greetings bloggers!

I trust you all had a great weekend enjoying the sun?!  Well, I did.  I was only working at Essex Regiment Way on Friday, so I was VERY lucky to have Saturday and Sunday off work – so I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday and sat in the sun on Sunday.  I shall make the most of it however, it was my last full weekend off until NOVEMBER!

Not sure if you knew, but I was taught this trade on the decks of a cruise ship – sailing all over North and Central America.  Tomorrow (Tuesday), I am driving down the M3 to Southampton so see a few friends of mine who are based on the new ‘Celebrity Eclipse’ cruise ship.  Now this is a monster, 112,000 tonnes and over 1,000ft long!  I’ve not set foot on a ship since leaving ‘Celebrity Infinity’ back in September 2003, so I am VERY much looking forward to getting a guided tour.  One of a lucky handful, as the ship doesn’t take her maiden voyage until the end of the month.  It’s not what you know 😉

Don’t forget, I am still taking bookings for my portrait session on Sunday 16th May!


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