About me!

Hi Everyone,

My Name is Scott, and I am the Managing Director here at the Edge Photography, and also the main photographer.

After setting the company up in 2006, I have put just about everything into making it the success it is today – and that’s all thanks to the fantastic people I have had the privilege to shoot since our first wedding on 2nd July 2006.

I have always been working in and around the photographic trade since leaving college in 1997.  I started working for a professional lab, printing wedding and portrait images.  It was there I though you myself “I can do that!”

From there I worked for various local photographers learning the ropes so to speak, until I was given the opportunity to work overseas on a 6-star Cruise liner as a photographer, and it was on-board ‘GTS Infinity’ I really learnt all about working in photography.  It was there I was given a broken FM-2 with a busted 50mm lens that only focused at 7ft and a flash that only fired at 1/16th and was told “off ya go”, but it was this tough training that has now given me the confidence to work in any condition and under any pressure!


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