All systems go!

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on March 23, 2010 by theedgephotography

Well, after a fairly quite winter- with just ten weddings over the period, things are now in full flow.  Our first wedding of the spring was on March 5th at Orsett hall, and its now all systems go until Mid-November!

Bookings are still coming in for this year, so I am still expecting a late surge for the much coveted Christmas dates.  Yes, I did say the ‘C’ word in Mid-March, but lets be honest – it’ll be here before we know it!

This week see my first mid-week wedding of the year at Gosfield Hall.  I don’t know if any of you have been luck enough to either visit or attend a wedding at the venue, and seen the bridal suite, but its amazing.  Quite possibly the best in the county, so I am VERY much looking forward to shooting there tomorrow.

This week also see the last of the wedding shows of the Winter/Spring that we will be exhibiting at.  We will attending ‘The Freight House’ wedding show in Rochford.

As you might have seen on Facebook, I have also been using a new camera for my weddings last week – so far, the results are stunning.  I’m now shooting on a ‘Full Frame’ digital camera.  For those who aren’t as geeky as myself, this basically means that the digital sensor is now the same size as the old 35mm film cameras, so it’s like going back in time, only not!

So that’s whats going on in the cave this week…!


A break from the norm

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on March 19, 2010 by theedgephotography

Well, what a week this has been.  Back to my roots!

I have been out shooting a few PR/Press jobs for various clients this week and it has not been something I have shot for many years.  I used to do the odd job back in the day for the Weekly News here in Chelmsford and the good old Essex Chronicle – but since starting up ‘The Edge’, I have had no real time for it.  However the phone rang on Sunday and my old Press mate was in a bit of a pickle and needed a hang.  He was suffering from the old ‘Three places at once’ problem.

On Wednesday I attended the London Indoor Schools Athletics Cup Final at the Lee Valley Stadium.  Two hours of madness!  Every event you can think of was taking place, and I have to cover EVERYTHING! Loved every minute of it, and you never know, some of the young athletes I saw competing may very well be flying the flag in 2012.

Today was a slightly less manic event – Essex and Suffolk needed coverage of the ‘turning on’ of a new water pipe in Ilford.  The pipe has been working for a month, but that’s just between you and me 😉

What I haven’t missed, is the deadlines that all the PR people live to.  “yesterday, please”.  Love it.

New Wedding Gallery

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Happy Friday everybody!

As your week comes to an end, here in the batcave, we are preparing to start work for the week with a wedding at Prested Hall Saturday, and The Lawns on Sunday.  I’ve not shot at The Lawns before, but I have heard great things about the venue and staff there.

After a mad start to the week up at the ‘Focus on Imaging’ exhibition at the NEC on Monday, the week for me has consisted of me preparing new sample albums  and purchasing new equipment for my weddings this year.  As you can imagine, us wedding photographers rattle through a few images at each wedding – and my current camera is no different!  I took it through it’s 97,000 image during Fridays wedding at Orsett Hall!  Not bad for a camera that is just over 2 years old!

As I said, I have also been designing new sample album for showcasing at wedding shows and meetings.  You can expect to see our NEW digital storybooks within 3 weeks!

I have also updated our online Gallery.  I was listening to various photographers at ‘Focus’, and they – quite rightly – said that too many photographers baffle potential clients with a million images on their site.  So I have whittled the images from a whopping 174 to just 30 of my finest images for couple to look at on the site.  Check it out if you have 5 mins!

The Batcave

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I have been asked my many of the couple I shoot “where is your office?”  Well, I have attached a piccie of the ‘Batcave’ for you all to see where the magic happens, and where I spend all of my time when not shooting.

People also ask me, “why do you call it the batcave?”  The simple reason is this.  One of the first films I saw was the original ‘Batman’ with Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight.  The Batcave that Tim Burton had designed was a desk, full of screens and monitors.  Granted, I only have 4 screens and a printer, but I still see it as my little cave!

So if ever you call, or email the office, this is where I’ll be!

Saxon Hall wedding show

Posted in Wedding shows on March 3, 2010 by theedgephotography

Well, another washout wedding show.

I am yet to attend a wedding show this year that hasn’t been effected by the weather.  January, Snow.  And both shows in February, torrential rain!  However, we were in a PERFECT spot – right by the entrance, so the stand was the first and last stand the people saw, so hopefully we made an impression.  What do you think?

Sometimes I think that having 8 banners is too much – but I think they all came into good use on Sunday.

The show was VERY busy from opening at 11am until around 1pm, then the weather really took hold, with only a handful of couples walking through the door until I closed the stand down at just after 3pm.  The show was supposed to run until 4pm, but everyone had the same idea as me and packed up early due to the low numbers.

On the plus side – as it was so quite, I did manage to catch the Spurs game on the trusted iPhone thanks to the wonderful SkyPlayer app!  21st century technology rocks!

Site updated

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on March 3, 2010 by theedgephotography

With only one wedding over the weekend and a wedding show on Sunday to worry about – things are yet again quite in the Batcave – but there is ALWAYS something to do to keep me busy.

I’ve just updated the site to include a few more links to recommended suppliers and had a giggle with the page order as well as add our new ‘Just for you’ boudoir photography page.  We are offering brides – or anyone really, a 2hr studio session in view of giving the results to their loved one on there wedding date, birthday, anniversary etc.  Check it out –

Anyway, must dash – Mr postie has just delivered what looks like 4 albums for me to make!

SWPP image competition

Posted in General goings on in the Batcave on March 1, 2010 by theedgephotography

Happy St Davids day to all!

As you are probably aware, I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), and every month they hold image competitions.  There is no real prize, it just helps people like me to stay on top of there game and submit images to be judged with photographers all over the world.  Well, this month I am pleased to report that I received a Silver in the ‘Wedding photojournalism’ category!  See below;

This was an image taken last September in Chelmsford High Street, just before Carly’s wedding in the Cathedral.

Fear not, my journey towards a Gold will continue……….